Relief your suffering

There are some things we need to accept to live happier lives.

Life is not supposed to be easy or fair and just because we think ourselves to be good doesn’t mean unfortunate things won’t happen to us.

We need to see life as a rainbow and not black and white cause if it were the case; our coping mechanisms would have worked already.

We need to learn to move on from toxicity but also learn what that means.

We grow up and form these ideas in our heads without questioning if they are accurate or not but yet, expect our world to fit into those premeditated notions of what our lives will look like and become self-destructive when we don’t get what we think we are entitled to.

We have to accept that the more we expect, the more we will receive and the less we worry, the more we will enjoy.

All it takes is for us to become detectives of our minds and question it all.

Your beliefs, your likes, and dislikes and your personality because who you “are.”

May not even close to your real Self.

The many contrasting voices of oneself.


  Lately, I have been questioning my existence, and I wonder what the point of life is? What is my purpose?

Is life just a rat race where we spend 80% of our time at work and the remainder we have to manage it between commuting, sleeping, eating, and spending time with the people we love? Is this the whole point of our existence?

Is it wrong to feel like this when I have the job I fought so hard to get? The position most people would want to have. I feel like here I have no purpose

I have no joy. I feel like a puppet who conforms and behaves in the way she is expected to. My life is like a song on repeat. And listening to the same lyrics over and over again is leaving me drained and lifeless.

Then fear comes in. My Fear says that the safe lane is where I should stay. My Fear states that the spotlight was not made for me, so keep myself hidden. And then I hurt and I cry because I know In my heart this isn’t true. I was built for greatness, and I was designed to inspire.

The place where I find myself today is the struggle of the old and the new. The voices of the past contrasting with the present. The violent conflict of all the parts making up ”I.” the more I understand how I got here, the harder it gets to let it all behind.