Healing through travel


I recently had the opportunity to travel to Cancun, it was the second time I came to this part of Mexico, but it felt very different from the first time. Nothing had changed except for my perception and willingness to only go with the flow. I used to think that for things to be enjoyable, they had to come out exactly as planned, it all had to work out correctly, or I would catalog it as a failure. What I have come to find out is that if I see magic in the world, my experience will always be magical too.

In this trip, accompanied by my partner, her best friend, and her son.We were supposed to travel to Cartagena and Medellin. I was genuinely excited to experience Colombian culture the food  and the warmth of the people there. We were not able to board the flight since it was booked and after some time we agreed just to book the next flight to Cancun, How freeing it is not to get caught in the why, and the could have been and simply follow the trajectory of this unknown journey. Once we arrived our bags never made it out of the aircraft due to technical issues with the compartment where they were kept, we were offered to have our bags delivered on the same night or the next day, it may have seemed that we were being tested or at least I felt as if the universe was giving me a good lesson about patience and gratitude, things were not coming out as planned but at the end of the day I was no longer in Cold New York. So we went to the hotel and started our vacation, I noticed how easy it is to get caught up in the illusion of social media, of wanting to post every minute of our vacation for people to see what we were doing and the views we were enjoying. I tried my best to disconnect and simply remain present, to look at the horizon and enjoy the breeze and the beautiful sunshine that I was lucky enough to experience. The morning after I had an excellent opportunity to meditate on the beach and hear the beautiful sounds of the waves while the sunlight bathed my face with bright solar plexus light. In my last Therapy session I was asked to try to see things with clarity and love, clarity to see the love I had around me without getting  caught up in the past and the disappointment I experienced in the past, I saw how much I held on and how badly I refuse the love around me unintentionally simply because letting down my guard seems like such a compromise, Resisting the need to plan every detail of any event to prevent unexpected outcomes. I allowed myself to be seen and to be loved and just to be.

One of the nights we stayed in the hotel room quietly talking, i had a chance to see vulnerable parts of my companions, their pain and regrets and soft spots you could never even guess, seeing myself in their stories and knowing that their pain is also mine as I have been there but more importantly  learning that sharing secrets with those who we love only brings us closer, it makes us feel less alone and allows us to see different perspectives and opinions and see that life is not a one way street with manual and batteries. I felt healing by listening, by being present and enjoying their company, and this is the job I want to have in the lifetime.

We went to Market 28; there you can enjoy some homemade real Mexican food, we had tacos, tostadas,mexican corn on the Cobb and mexican Coca-Cola(the best). We walked around the different stands with souvenirs and artisan made items. I think the one thing I enjoyed the most about this kind of trip is connecting with the people, seeing the very young kids selling bracelets in the street for a dollar makes me think about how easy life we sometimes have and don’t even realize it. We met this particular young man named Joshua, he spoke English and was very conversational with us, he works with this Dad in the market and as many others in there, this is the life he knows. All this brings humbleness to my heart.

I look forward to the opportunity to experience more people like him and more places like Cancun, to enjoy the real treasures of life and not to get caught up in the fast lane pace of life we are so accustomed in NYC.

I want to see and hang with the locals, to eat where they eat and walk around the streets where no tourist walks around. This is where heartfelt memories come from and where my heart feels more at home.




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